Metaphorically, Montfort or “Strong Mountain” refers to the unique moments of joy experienced throughout the music making process.


Montfort Quartett



The Montfort Quartet takes it’s name from the Montfort family of the Lake Constance area. This area extends over the borders of Austria, Switzerland and Germany and as such refers to the international nature of the quartet. Originating from Serbia, South Africa, Macedonia and Germany; they met in Symphony Orchestra Vorarlberg and came together to translate their love of orchestral collaboration into the intimate medium of chamber music. In order to realise their musical vision, they have chosen to perform with as many guest artists as possible. Furthermore, it is for this reason that the Romantic Period is of significance in the repertoire of the quartet. It was in this period, that the classical string quartet formation was being used to pioneer the collaborations between strings, winds and piano.

In addition, The Montfort Quartet is also very interested in performing modern music as this brings them in personal contact with new composers and therefore places them closer to the creative source of the music. The Montfort Quartet are fascinated by how the ancient art of string quartet instrumentation is always being regenerated and given new meaning.

The Montfort-Quartett have been once again invited as “Artists in residence” at the Hans Werner Henze founded, Cantiere Internationale d’Arte in Montepulciano.




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